Tools for Building and Delivering Your Online Driver Education

Deliver your own experience, not someone else's

Quick and effective

Simple, easy to use tools to manage students and courses that are efficient and quick to learn. We get out of your way by providing a minimalist layout that is easy to navigate, and it's responsive, so you and your students can use it from their computer, tablet, or phone.

Get started right away

Use our base course as a jumping off point or to hit the ground running, or start from scratch. Easily preview course introduction, lessons, topics, or sections, or step through courses to test out changes and see what your students will see.

Make it your own

Use a unique combination of text, image, and video content to deliver an experience unique to your teaching methods and emphasize topics important to you. There are a number of settings to choose from, so each course can be tailored to your and your students needs.

Stay informed

Monitor student progress, notify students and parents when lessons and tests pass or fail, or when courses complete or fail. This way both you and your students stay on the same page and you are always ready to answer any questions.

Editing a course

Make every course unique

  • Customize the length, content, and requirements of your course - make as short or as long as you want.
  • Create unlimited lessons, topics, and sections.
  • Set minimum required times per section, or none at all.
  • Set the maximum number of lessons that may be completed per day and how long a student has to finish a course before it expires.
  • Create discussion questions to get students thinking and engaged about the content as they move through topics.
  • Choose to create tests for any lesson, how many times a test may be taken before a student has to start a lesson over, how many correct questions are required for each to pass, and whether questions are randomized or non-randomized.
  • Create final tests for courses, including specifying how many times a student may take it before the student fails the course. Or, you don't even have to have a final test at all if you think it's unnecessary.
  • Create mini courses as assignments to give classroom students that miss a day of class in place of a written homework assignment.
  • You can even ditch your old classroom materials and use it in a real classroom as well - step through each part of the course with your students in real time! Then, your students can always review each day/lesson after it's over, or if they miss a class, they can complete the lesson at home.

Multiple ways to sign up students

  • Provide a special registration link to students to sign up for courses on their own.
  • Register students yourself through easy user management tools.
  • Integrate your website or system and register students behind-the-scenes via a simple API call.
  • If you choose to register students on their behalf, they are notified immediately of their account creation and next steps to get access to their account and log in.
Creating and managing users

Notifications and more

  • Receive notification when students complete or fail a course.
  • Receive notification when students sign up for a course using the special registration link. This way you can provide the link either on your own site, or send it to a potental student via e-mail or other means. Not only will you receive the notification of the sign up when done this way, but you'll be able to give it a final approval before the student can begin, to ensure no one is taking the course that you are not aware of or simply aren't ready to allow.
  • Custom login link, page header, and page footer info for your school. You and your students will see your logo or company name, contact phone, and email, so your brand is showcased and your students know it belongs to you. You can even customize your page footer colors.
  • Custom school information is also in student/user e-mail notifications. Your students will see your company name, contact phone, website, and email, with custom footer color, and their replies will go to you.
  • Want some employees to be able to edit courses, but not manage student/user accounts? No problem. You can create special course manager users that are only allowed to edit courses, and choose who can and cannot edit specific courses.

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