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United Drivers Ed provides online driver education courses that are designed to fit the needs of your rigorous schedule. No more waiting on classes to be available, only to be found that they are only available at the worst time or at a location that's too far for you to go. You need the flexibility and modern convenience of a web-based solution and we're here to provide that with the educational quality that you'll find in the classroom and beyond.

We're a small, family business based just outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and we've come together to provide a simple solution to the ever increasing demand for flexibility in both teen and parent schedules. We recognize that a physical classroom may not always be the best solution to present quality material. It can be done outside a classroom, according to the individual, giving them the time back in their day they need to accomplish other important tasks or spend time with family.

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Our solution works on on any modern web browser - including those on phone and tablet!

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We offer a variety of courses, including courses that are certified to meet state requirements for various teen and adult programs. If you don't see a course here that fits your needs, drop us a line. We are always working on implementing new courses and are sure to give the highest priority to those in demand.

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